Yarns, rovings and cria blankets

Alpaca fleece is rarer than cashmere. It is warmer and lighter than wool yet stronger and more durable. It is a hollow fiber that holds heat but also "breathes" so you do not sweat. Its insulating core gives the fiber a buttery, smooth, light weight softness.  
Fiber comes in 16 natural colors ranging from white to black and all shades in between. It can also be dyed to any color. Our processing mill uses a hand dyed process to keep with the 100% natural appeal of the product.
The price for adult raw fleece is $2.00 - $5.00 per ounce. Blanket fleece is typically 4-5 pounds. We also have baby blanket fleece which is considerd PRIME as it is finer. Feel free to contact us for specific color orders prior to processing.
Our processed yarn is 4oz each with 50 approxiamtely yards to each ounce. We charge $6.00 per ounce but will discount if purchasing 5 or more skeins.

All our yarn is processed by a local Tennessee fiber mill "New Era Fiber" located in Gallatin, TN. It is all either natural colors or hand dyed/tinted.

We had some blended this year to add some copper/silver spash to our browns and blacks. 

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